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So, who are our healthy vegan cookies right for?

These low carb vegan protein bars are ideal for keeping to your diet without restricting yourself or your cravings.
Perfectly fitting into your bag or pocket, our protein snacks are not only tasty but convenient too.

If you think our protein cookies are mainly targeted for gym-goers, think again. Our snacks are perfect for busy lifestyles, mums on the go, keen travellers and healthy minds.
Filled with rich, raw ingredients, our cookies will help to keep you fuelled and balanced.
Whether you’re looking for a pack to keep you going throughout the month, or you would simply like to give our tasty vegan protein bars a try. Shop our store today.

“It’s taken a long time to find a trainer that is fun and most importantly, not annoying! Ben works me out so that I feel toned and healthy and best of all he is flexible and adapts to my busy lifestyle. Since he introduced me to his THK Protein Cookies I take one with me wherever I go, they’re perfect for that extra boost.”

Sadie Frost



YES! All of our cookies are vegan and made up of 3 different types of vegan protein powders.

YES! Our cookies can be found in a few London stores, such as Pomona at Belsize Park, Chloe’s Espresso café on Primrose Hill, the new and exciting fitness studio; Movin London, in Camden Town, House of Mistry in London’s South End Green and Budgens in Haverstock Hill.

Absolutely, our cookies are all able to be frozen so stock up and save them for later!

Unfortunately, all of our cookies contain nuts.