Whether you have made a promise with yourself to lose a couple of pounds after the Christmas break or you’ve made a plan to save a bit more for the new decade, we’re sure your plan is to stick to these. However, New Year’s resolutions can very easily be broken or forgotten about, but these goals have been made for a reason… the next goal is to simply stick with them.


Be realistic


The first step of sticking to your New Year’s resolution is to not aim too high. Whether you’re aiming to lose a stone or run a marathon, think about your time, your day-to-day. Don’t aim to do all of this within the first few months, give yourself a realistic timeline of success, if you don’t you could be setting yourself up to fail or giving yourself anxiety and stress to achieve these.


Even the smallest of goals completed is an achievement, give yourself a break and take it step by step. Once you’ve achieved your first goal, aim for the next.


Group it together


There is nothing better than social support, ask the people around you what their goals are for the New Year and if they are similar to yours, why not group them together? If you have a strong support system around you and often even a little bit of competitiveness, you will find it can be a lot easier to achieve your goals.


Technology is your friend


Following on from the above, if your social group isn’t feeling your goals this year, find support in apps. With an ever-changing world of technology, there is an app for everything and most of these apps will have a chat room so you can meet likeminded people who could also be looking for some support and guidance.


As well as this, apps can help to structure your goals, giving you advice and guidelines, helping you to reach every aim. If your goal is fitness related, these apps can help with your day to day, whether that is with food prep, exercise and just general wellbeing. Or, if you’re goal is financial, there are so many apps out there now that help you budget, keep track and help you to save.


The app world is your oyster.


Think outside your yearly box 


Much like keeping your goals realistic, try to review your goals. Are they something that you create every January and if they are, look into why you didn’t stick to them? If you didn’t stick to them last year, why would you keep to it this time?


This doesn’t mean creating a completely new goal but instead simply tweaking your previous one, looking into whether your last goal was possibly a bit adventurous or not enough time given to it.


Your January goals shouldn’t just be for January, they should be for life. It’s a goal for a reason. Whether you’re wanting to cut down on alcohol, aim to do this every week or if you’re looking to spend less, get into the habit of tracking your spending. Healthy habits can easily be picked up if they are continuously worked on.


Do little, dream huge 


Taking things step by step doesn’t necessarily mean your progress will be slow or that your outcome will be small, however it will help you to be more likely to achieve these goals. Think of your dream goal, where you want to see yourself in a couple of years and start from there. Breaking it down to make it more achievable.


Track your achievements, goals and even slip-ups. Looking back on these will help to guide you and will help you see exactly how far you’ve come and what more you can do to succeed.


Reward yourself


Life is exciting and when you take this away it can seem a little worthless. If you’re saving, remember to put a little aside for yourself to simply enjoy life still! If you’re trying to lose weight, do not restrict yourself from the foods you love, find a healthy balance so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out. This will also help you to keep on track as you’ll be less likely to binge.


By rewarding yourself you’ll feel like you deserve it, no guilt, only pleasure.


Here at The Health Kitchen, we believe in balance, which is exactly why we created our cookies. Yes, we all want to be healthy and lead happy lives, but when we start to take bits away that makes us happy to achieve our goals, it can all start to seem a little bit worthless and you can often feel more disheartened by the end.


Which is why balance is key, let yourself enjoy the things you love with still leading a rested, balanced lifestyle.


Our cookies are the perfect company when you’re trying to shed a few pounds, giving you the sweetness you may be used to, making you feel like you’re not missing out but still being raw, nutritious and healthy.