It’s Ben here – I’ve just been thinking about the journey we’ve been on at THK to bring you our Original Protein Cookies. It got me thinking about what the origins of the cookie are, so I set about doing some research.

What is a cookie? Well here we have a culture clash on either side of the Atlantic. In England cookies have traditionally been called biscuits and these can be savoury or sweet. The word is derived from the Latin bis (twice cooked and coctus (to cook) via the early French word biscuit to become bisquite in Middle English. Early biscuits were dry and unsweetened and were mainly created be easily transported and can be traced back to the Egyptians and Romans and they were an essential part of the diet of troops and sailors through the centuries.

How did we get to Cookies? Well in the 7th Century the Persians started baking bread baked recipes enriched with eggs butter cream and sweetened with fruit and honey. The Muslim Invasion of Spain, The Crusades and the the opening up of the Spice Routes brought these ideas to Europe and sweetened and spiced recipes started to appear all over the continent. By the 17th Century we had koekje or little cakes appearing in Holland and this is generally accepted as the origin of the word cookie.

When Europeans began to move to the colonial Americas the use of the words began to clash and more specific terms began to be used in place of our one. Cookie became the word used for sweet biscuits while biscuit is used for small bread cakes made with baking soda not yeast and served as a side with a meal. At breakfast they are spread with butter and maybe jelly, honey or syrup. They can be split and used to make a sandwich. Dinner time sees them served with gravy. Crackers are hard baked biscuits and often savoury.

In the 1950’s cookies began to emigrate back to Europe when Chocolate Chip Cookies appeared in the UK and since then has become the word used for softer American style biscuits.

Well that’s how the cookie has crumbled!

Phew all that makes me think my journey seems pretty insignificant – but here at THK we’ve put in a lot of hard work to bring you a new take on the cookie phenomenon. With whole food ingredients ethically sourced from around the world, The Original Protein Cookies not only tastes great, they are nutritious and packed with essential amino acids and the vitamins and minerals that essential to our well being.


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