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Our top 5 tips on sticking to your New Year’s resolutions

Whether you have made a promise with yourself to lose a couple of pounds after the Christmas break or you’ve made a plan to save a bit more for the new decade, we’re sure your plan is to stick to these. However, New Year’s resolutions can very easily be broken or forgotten about, but these [...]

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How to maintain your vegan diet

Veganism is gradually becoming one of the main diet choices in many people’s lives. Choosing to completely cut out all animal-based products and replacing these with natural, plant-based ingredients. Going vegan is a huge step, your diet completely changes, and more time is often spent researching and looking at the back of packets to see [...]

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Chocolate and Almond Joy Smoothie Bowl

These flavours are reminiscent of my favourite candy bar growing up. Mmmmm! Chocolate Almond Joy smoothie bowl 1/2 frozen sliced banana 1/2c frozen cauliflower florets 1 scoop chocolate protein powder 1/4c coconut yogurt 1 heaping Tbls almond butter 1 tsp maca 1/3c coconut milk handful of spinach, optional Toppings: 1 THK Dark Chocolate and Coconut [...]

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History of the cookie

It’s Ben here - I’ve just been thinking about the journey we’ve been on at THK to bring you our Original Protein Cookies. It got me thinking about what the origins of the cookie are, so I set about doing some research. What is a cookie? Well here we have a culture clash on either [...]

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Breakfast Pizza

Tropical Breakfast Pizza (serves 6) Base: 2 vanilla & almond THK protein cookies 1/2c chopped almonds 1/2c sprouted buckwheat 1/2c desiccated coconut 6 fat, moist medjool dates Topping: 250ml Coconut yogurt Kiwi Mango banana desiccated coconut macadamia nuts or Brazil nuts Combine base ingredients in a food processor until it all clumps together and is [...]

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