My Story

Hi, my name is Ben and welcome to my Health Kitchen. I have been working for twenty years as a fitness advisor and personal trainer. Most of my clients come to me because they are looking for advice and guidance on how best to eat healthy and stay in shape. The majority of them are busy people either professionally or personally and very often both. They confess that most of the time they are so busy that they forget to eat properly, grabbing anything handy to keep them going.

The question they always ask is – “Ben what are the good healthy snacks for me to eat” or “I want a healthy tasty vegan protein snack / vegetarian gluten free protein snack.” I looked around and the majority of the choices of protein bars and protein snacks that  are available on the market are often high in calories and full of artificial additives and processed sugars. I knew that I could do better myself and set about experimenting in the kitchen at home. I eventually came up with The Original Protein Cookie, a tasty, low calorie, protein rich treat, which is made entirely from natural whole-food ingredients.

I hope that you enjoy our Protein Cookies, which come in four delicious flavours, Dark Chocolate and Coconut, Vanilla and Almond, Orange and Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate with Orange – check them out on our shop page.

Ben X

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide delicious alternatives to everyday snacks. We found that people who lead busy and stressful lives tend to reach for anything handy when they need an energy boost. We believe that our Original Protein Cookies are the perfect solution to the “what’s the best healthy snack” question. They are artisan made with only whole-food ingredients, providing a real energy boost for the brain and body. These higher protein and lower carb cookies are free from artificial additives and processed sugars, giving the perfect boost to your  metabolism and yes, they are vegan friendly as well as gluten free.

Our Original Protein Cookies are easy to snack on when your energy levels start to flag. They are both healthy and nutritious, they give you an instant boost, helping energy levels by preventing blood sugar level crashes. The nutrient dense, amino acid rich ingredients also feed the brain to help maintain mental clarity. Slip one into your handbag, briefcase, baby bag or gym bag – and no excuses please, if you don’t carry a bag you can slip one into your pocket.

We’ve delivered you the perfect low calorie way to keep going in-between meals and stave off those hunger pangs. Just remember – eat healthy and keep that stash of your favourite flavours of Original Protein Cookies in your office drawer or kitchen cupboard topped up.