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The vegan friendly snacks that are made to keep you going

Introducing the Original Protein Cookie – the healthy protein snacks that will keep you fuelled for longer. The Health Kitchen cookie contains 3 different types of vegan protein and all eight essential amino acids, as well as being rich in antioxidants. They are refreshingly lacking in refined sugar and have zero artificial additives. The healthy vegan cookies that are perfect for staying active and keeping those sweet cravings at bay.

Orange and Cinnamon Protein Cookies

Orange & Cinnamon Protein Cookies

A zingy twist of orange paired with a beautiful aromatic touch of cinnamon; these healthy cookies create a burst of exotic flavours that are sure to please your taste buds.

Dark Chocolate and Coconut Protein Cookies

Dark Chocolate & Coconut Protein Cookies

With a sprinkle of crunchy coconut, these raw dark chocolate delights are the perfect vegan friendly snacks that are made to keep you going.

Dark Chocolate with Orange Protein Cookies

Dark Chocolate & Orange Protein Cookies

Luxuriously smooth and delicate, this vegan snack is perfect for satisfying those sweet tooth cravings, while being packed with healthy protein, keeping you full for longer.

Vanilla and Almond Protein Cookies

Vanilla & Almond Protein Cookies

A smooth and sophisticated combination of flavours, the vanilla and almond healthy vegan cookie is ideal for on the go snacking, while keeping those cravings at bay.

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Orange and Cinnamon protein cookie

Vegan protein cookies, helping you to keep up with your busy lifestyle

It can seem impossible to stick to a healthy lifestyle, which is why The Health Kitchen have masterfully created these healthy on the go snacks to help busy days remain balanced. These delicious vegan friendly snacks will help to keep your appetite and sugary cravings at bay, while keeping you on track.
Thoughtfully created with health in mind, The Health Kitchen cookies were created by Ben, a knowledgeable PT and fitness fanatic who’s main focus was to create tasty healthy treats that won’t harm the diet, creating something that not only tastes delicious but has great health benefits.

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